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Ramat Gan has an abundance of culture and recreation centers that host hundreds of cultural events in a variety of areas on a monthly basis. In the city, you can find 3 theaters, cinemas, museums, and large shopping areas including both malls and street shops such as the famous Bialik Street with its dozens of varied stores.

The city has 11 museums that present rotating exhibits on various subjects such as Judaism, Russian art, modern art, etc.

One of the largest shopping centers in the city is the Ayalon Mall, with some 155 stores and businesses. It has an area of 33,000 sq. m. over two floors with modern architectural design. The expanded second floor of the mall, which was completed in 2015, features one of the largest brand-name outlet complexes in Israel, with flagship stores of the leading Israeli and international chains. The mall's proximity to Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak attracts large numbers of visitors from those areas. Some 40,000 people visit the mall daily. It also features cafés, restaurants, and a 15-screen multiplex cinema showing the best films in Israel.