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  • Ramat-Gan is located in the center of Israel, bordering Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Bnei Brak, and Kiryat Ono. The city hosts the largest diamond district in the world, and one of the biggest business complexes in Israel - The Stock Exchange complex (Israel Diamond District), - where 50,000 people work every day, as well as several High-Tech industries. It is a bustling and colorful metropolitan hub, surrounded by quiet, pastoral neighborhoods.
  • Formally known as Ir Ganim, the Garden City, Ramat-Gan is the greenest city in Israel, with its 25% green area. The city continues to meticulously maintain and improve its parks for the benefit of its residents and visitors. Bordering the city to the north are the Yarkon River and Yarkon Park, while to the south the open spaces of the Ramat-Gan National Park and the Safari.
  • In Ramat-Gan you can find 4 higher education institutions -Bar-Ilan University, Shenkar School of Engineering, Design, and Art, ranked fifth in the world thanks to its trailblazing thinking, Ramat Gan College, and Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts – in addition to the largest hospital Israel - Sheba - Tel Hashomer - 11 museums, and 3 theaters.
  • Ramat-Gan throbs with cultural life and art. both professional and amateur. The Arts and Culture City Department organizes around 150 cultural events monthly, offering theater, music, dance, lectures, films and more.
  • Ramat-Gan has a number of prestigious museums exhibiting Russian, Jewish, Japanese, Chinese and Far Eastern art. Apart from the museums, choirs, theaters and orchestras, the city has extensive outdoor sculpture gardens scattered throughout.
  • In 2015 Ramat-Gan began to form its vision of turning into the first smart city in Israel. In this context, the city is working to implement creative technologies that improve municipal services and optimize work processes for the benefit of the residents.
  • The smart city municipal project focuses in three main arenas: traffic and transportation, education, and municipal services. The city recently held an Expo competition, where nearly 50 companies and entrepreneurs presented ideas for advanced technology projects in order to turn Ramat-Gan into the first smart city in Israel. This past year the city has held a hackathon for the city's high school students, who created various applications to benefit and serve city residents.