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The Founders Path

Habanim Hill (E/4)
The central nature site in old Ramat Gan. A historical garden around Yad Labanim House, an impressive panoramic view, monuments, and eolianite slopes to the north of Yad Labanim House.
Season: Year round, for the eolianite slope – winter and spring.

Lavi Housing and Arnavot (Rabbit) Hill (D/4)
Remnants of an eolianite hill, partially planted with eucalyptus trees. The last place in the developed city where Cistus plants still grow.
Season: Winter and spring
Access: Steep uphill from the bend in Yavneh St.

Krinizi House – Ramat Gan City House (D/4)
Guided tours of the house that became a museum, and in the heart of classical Ramat Gan.
For information: 03-6739050, and see the Krinizi House Museum website and Facebook page. Visits to the museum must be scheduled in advance.
Access: 64 Krinizi St.