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"Hayahalom" Theatre
(the "Diamond" theatre), this theatre house, located in the heart of the Diamond Exchange district and one of the most sophisticated in Israel.
 office  03-6122776
cash box  03-6121050

The Ramat-Gan Theatre
named after Olav V, king of Norway and locater in the downtown area, is characterized by a distinctive inner design.
office - 03-5782553

The Russell Cultural Center
located in the south eastern part of the city, hosts a wide range of cultural activities, including theatre performances, musical evenings, shows, children's theatre and a variety of other cultural and entertainment events.

"The Library" and Beit Zvi theatre
The students of the Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts as well as its graduates stage every evening two theatre plays, on the school's classroom stages as well as in the Library theatre located behind the Ramat-Gan Theatre.
office: 03-5799290

Lev-Elram Cinema
El-Ram center, 76 Bialik st.
cash box - 5155*  extension 4 and then 3 
web site

yes planet Cinema
The Ayalon shopping mall, 165 Abba hillel st.
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