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Barnet, England

General Information

Founded: 1965

Area of Jurisdiction: 33 sq mi

Population: 331,500

Height: 147 meters

Location: is a suburban London borough in North Londond, England, forming part of Outer London.

Twin city agreement signature date: December 1, 1976

Official site of Barnet: http://www.barnet.gov.uk

On December 1, 1976 a Sister City agreement was signed between the city of Ramat-Gan and the London Borough of Barnet.

Barnet is a London borough located in North London. The Barnet borough and other boroughs were formed under the London Government Act of 1963.

Barnet benefits from a rich ethnic mix which contributes to the character of the borough and plays a major role in attracting tourists from all around the world. A fifth of the population is between 24 and 34 years old. Most of the approximately 125,000 households own their home. The schools in the borough meet the needs of children from all parts of the community and are among the best in the country. There are two colleges for higher education, which together with the schools within the borough, have achieved good results by national standards.


The London Borough of Barnet is classically situated for business occupying a key transport location both regionally, nationally, and transnationally.

There is easy access to the City of London with both the Northern and
Piccadilly underground lines.

The area is home to several established large companies which include the head offices of McDonalds, Mortgage Express and Pentland.

The borough's town centres have a prominent role within the local economy. In addition to a regional shopping centre at Brent Cross there are three major town centres, (at Chipping Barnet North Finchley and Edgware) 10 district town centres and 7 local centres.

Within London, Barnet ranks second only to Westminster in terms of the number of registered retailers.

Employment in Barnet is predominately within small and medium sized firms. The economy is dominated by three main sectors - Distribution, Hotels and Catering, Banking Finance and Insurance and Public Administration Education
and Health.

Tourist Information

With a wealth of attractions, parklands, sport facilities and a world-famous museum, Barnet could surely meet the tastes and needs of its visitors! Tourism has been given a boost with the creation of the new Barnet Tourism Association to promote the wonderful activities and varied accommodations offered.

On the western side of Barnet the internationally famous Royal Air Force Museum is situated in Hendon. It has an outstanding collection of early aircraft and a world-famous 'Battle of Britain' display.

The 17th century Church Farmhouse Museum, with a series of exhibitions capturing the past of the borough, is also situated in Hendon.

The Barnet Museum has a permanent display of the borough's fascinating history, including exhibits relating to the bloody Battle of Barnet which was fought during the War of the Roses in the 15th century.

Other places of interest include the London Museum of Jewish Life which is located at the Sternberg Centre in East End Road, Finchley. The museum opens a window into the history and religious life of the Jewish Community in Britain and beyond.