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Main Kinzig District, Germany

General Information

Founded: 1974

Area of Jurisdiction: 1400 sq

Population: 410,000

Height: 107 meters

Location: In the northeastern part of the administrative district of Darmstadt.

Twin city agreement signature date: May 15, 2000

Official site of Main Kinzig District: http://www.mkk.de/cms/de/Startseite.html  

On May 15, 2000 a Sister City agreement was signed between the city of Ramat-Gan and Main Kinzig District.

The Main Kinzig District is located in the northeastern part of the administrative district of Darmstadt. The district contains 410,000 residents, (as of 2005), and is the most populated rural district in the state of Hessen. With an area of approximately 1400 square kilometers, this administrative district, together with the former administrative districts of Gelnhausen, Hanau and Schluechtern was formed on the pastures of the Kinzig Valley.

The close proximity of the economic metropolis of Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main area make this district not only an attractive residential area but also attractive for the tourist industry. Famous buildings are witness to the colorful history of the region as well as internationally known personalities.

The Merry King Friedrich I, also known as Barbarossa built his Palatinate in Gelnhausen. Here lived the inventor of the telephone Philipp Reis. The Grimm brothers, whose collection of fairy tales is world famous, as well as the third brother, the painter Ludwig Emil Grimm, were all born in Hanau and spent their youths on the streets of Steinau an der Strass.

Numerous vacation attractions together with express rail and street traffic contribute to the attractiveness of the area. The Main-Kinzig District is a district with tradition which has never closed itself to progress.