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About The Projects

The Ramat-Gan Foundation, chaired by First Deputy Mayor Liad Ilani, founded in 1990. The Foundation is elevating the quality of life in the city through education, the arts, sports, social services, and through innovative urban projects.

The projects of the foundation, include promoting education, culture, health and welfare for the residents of Ramat-Gan. All funds raised are designated for specific projects and are boosted by the City’s matching funds program.

Our donors helped us build kindergartens, resource centers in schools, school libraries, community centers for young and seniors residents, baby wellness centers, computer laboratories, gardens and playgrounds, school gymnasiums and more. Also, the foundation has funded educational and artistic scholarships and generously supported the project of “a computer for every child”.

Contact us: [email protected]

We are always looking to welcome new “angels” into our Ramat-Gan family!

Here are just some of our projects that have come true:

  • The Barbara Sirota Baby Wellness Center in Ramat Hashikma
  • The IHF Senior Citizens Center in Ramat Hashikma
  • The Mildred Augusta Steiner Kindergarten
  • A Computer Laboratory in Michlal Elementary School
  • The Yakov Rozen & Marian Miege-Rozen House
  • Resource Center at the Hachsmonaim School
  • Many student grants
  • Many continuing donations for “A Computer for Every Child”

  Our E-Mail: [email protected]