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International Relations

The International Relations Department of Ramat-Gan is headed by Mrs. Lily Lavi. The department deals with the cultivation and development of international ties and cooperation in fields such as education, culture, economy, and more. These contribute greatly to the strengthening and deepening of the relations of the State of Israel with the international community, which promotes and positions the image and future of the State of Israel.

This department operates for the purpose of creating:

  • Friendly ties with youth and adults from countries all over the world, building pro-Israel ambassadors.
  • Conservation of direct contact with the guests/hosts by means of future visits independently.
  • Acceptance of the other with the intention of understanding the cultural differences between the countries.

Creation of social circles between the youth of the different schools in the city.

These goals are implemented via the exchange programs established between our twin cities and friendly relations with different countries in the world. The department accompanies international delegations and caters to all of its needs from the moment the delegation arrives to Israel until they leave.

Youth Exchange Programs

  • Reinforcing the ties between the city of Ramat-Gan and twin cities as part of the national project entwining Israeli cities with sister cities abroad in order to develop positive relations, which will enable a change in public opinion.
  • Involving parents on a city level – ideas and innovation.
  • Exposure of the families to all of the goals above, creation of warm relations between the guest and host families.
  • Strengthening of the status and image of the Israeli youth.
  • Familiarizing Israelis with different types of education in schools abroad.
  • Introducing the State of Israel to its guests and strengthening of the knowledge of the country for the Israeli youth.

    International Relations Club
  • The pupils who participate in the project meet for half a year prior to their departure in the schools in the framework of "International Relations Club" in an aim to bring the group together and prepare them for their trip, using content in areas of history, geography, current events, English, holocaust, and preparing of the memorial ceremony in a work camp in Germany, team spirit workshops and more.

The twin cities of Ramat-Gan are:

  • Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • San Borja, Peru
  • Qingdao, China
  • Shenyang, China
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Barnet, England
  • Wroclaw, Poland
  • Weinheim, Germany
  • Pheonix, U.S.
  • Strasbourg, France
  • Penza, Russia
  • Kassel, Germany
  • Szombathely, Hungary
  • Mein Kreis Kinzing


Youth Delegations to Europe

Ramat-Gan shares friendly relations and twin city relations and youth exchange programs all over the world.
The pupils who participate in youth exchange programs are "ambassadors" of the youth in Ramat-Gan and of the State of Israel and play an important part in raising awareness and understanding among the youth as far as life in Israel is concerned.
The visit of our youth delegations in Europe lasts two weeks, in which youth from Ramat-Gan are hosted in hosting families and are exposed to and absorb the different culture and lifestyle.
Likewise, there are various activities such as trips, school visits, museums and historical sites. One of the topics which there is great focus on is the holocaust, which is manifested in a joint visit of the youth from Israel and the ones from abroad in memorial sites immortalizing the holocaust victims in Europe with the horrible sights by means of joint dialogues.
Following two weeks of being hosted by the hosting families abroad, new relations get formed and upon their return to Israel the Israeli youth are eager to host their recently met new friends in Ramat-Gan.

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