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Emergency Services

Ramat-Gan's main emergency services are: the Red Magen David station located on Hagilgal street; the fire station on Ben-Eliezer street; and the police station on Jabotinsky road (which includes the Civilian Guard and the Community police service).

The department of Emergency Services at the municipality is responsible or preparing the city's population to deal with any emergency situation. The municipality maintains energency teamsand a number of emergency storehouses, to ensure the provision of appropiate services and basic supplies to the population in case of emergency.


Emergency Phone Numbers - 24 hours
Police - 100
Magen David Adom - 101
Fire and Rescue - 102
Moked - 109

The department of Emergency Services is also responsible for the maintenance of the 125 municipal shelters, available to the Ramat-Gan residents throughout the city.These shelters fulfill additional functions in daily life,such us  providing space to public institutions. poblic libraries, art studios, etc. The municipality is set to quickly restore the shelters to their original purpose in the event of emergency.