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Ramat Gan originated as an agricultural community next to Tel Aviv. The pioneers that purchased the territory in 1914 called it "Ir Ganim" ("Garden City"), with the goal of founding a moshava; a community of private farms. The first residents arrived in 1921, following World War I, and the establishment of British Mandate governance.

In 1926, the community was recognized as a local council. On May 16, 1950, Ramat Gan expanded to a city, which was economically reliant upon industry, crafts, and trade. The number of its residents grew thirty-fold, from 136 to 4,000. The city's central location, in the heart of Gush Dan, has attracted a large population – including new immigrants and veteran Israelis – who sought the quality of life that a green city could offer.

Ramat Gan was declared a city on January 21, 1950.