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The education department of Ramat Gan ensures that every student, from kindergarten through high school, has the opportunity to express their abilities and talents optimally. In Ramat Gan there are leaders in excellence in many areas such as development and empowerment of education and teaching, training principals, scholastic achievement, community involvement, and the individual vision of everyone. This is within the belief that optimal environment and proper values provide a platform for development and success. We developed new and challenging reforms and their success will propel the education system of Ramat Gan to new heights.

The department of education, with its various departments and in coordination with the regional manager, build a work plan that evokes the vision and goals of the municipality's education system. The city of Ramat Gan has gathered vast knowledge and has constructed many years of tradition. However, the education system must continue to innovate and instigate in order to grow and implement innovative systems so that it can be on the cutting edge.