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The Garden City

Ramat Gan’s nickname is "The Garden City“ since it is the greenest city in Israel. 25% of Ramat Gan consists of parks and gardens, which includes the Ramat Gan National Park, the Ramat Gan Safari –Zoological Center, and over 100 public parks and nature areas spread throughout the city.

The National Park covers 12 dunams, including a idyllic pond, picnic benches, recreational areas, and a unique flower garden containing 82,000 flowers in a host of colors and species. The park also contains several species of trees, hiking and walking trails, and expansive lawns in the style of the classic parks of Europe. Admission to the park is free and it is open to visitors 24 hours a day. Weekly sports and dance activities for the public are held at the park, along with a variety of events and exhibitions held at the Man and the Living World Museum in the center of the park. During the summer months, the park hosts large-scale performances and concerts as well as a variety of events for children and families.

Ramat Gan’s Safari hosts the largest collection of animals in the Middle East. The Safari is unique due to the large flocks and herds that graze in its open expanses of African savanna. Here you can meet some 1,200 animals from all over the world and see the largest wildlife hospital, which is Israel's biggest animal medical center. The Safari serves as a habitat for the breeding of endangered animals and is a partner in global projects that study and aim to return animals to their natural environments. The Safari is a member of international zoo associations and maintains ties with international nature conservation organizations.