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Along the Yarkon River

The Av-Hakaneh (Arundo) Strip on the Yarkon (A/4)
An undeveloped area with dense river bank vegetation, mainly Arundo, raspberry, and other bushes. Sometimes it is possible to see martens and nutria in the thicket, and Caspian turtles frolicking in the water.
Season: Spring and summer.
Access: The section of the Yarkon north of Ramat Gan Stadium.

The Middle Yarkon and Gen. Hill Monument (B/4)
The lower part of the Yarkon within the borders of Ramat Gan, along which eucalyptus trees were densely lined. Despite little natural vegetation, this narrow strip between the Vatikim Neighborhood and the river serves as a passage for animals between the open areas up and down the Yarkon.
Season: Spring and summer.
Access: A narrow walking path on the southern bank of the Yarkon, from the Monument of the Crossing (the Abba Hillel/Ben Gurion intersection) to the Seven
Mills Dam.

Seven Mills (B/2)
A historical site on the banks of the Yarkon River, where seven flour mills powered by the Yarkon river once operated.
Season: Year round
Access: 80 Rokach St.