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Tai Chi Master from Taiwan visits Ramat-Gan
Beit Zvi students conquer England
“Summer Sounds” concert series
Belgium inaugurates its new Embassy in Ramat-Gan
Belgian Prime Minister opens new embassy in Ramat-Gan
The Statue of Chaim Nachman Bialik
Prominent Blich graduates join together in preparation for the Blich High School’s jubilee
Teenagers attend Fire Scout course
Business is good in Ramat-Gan
“What a wonderful world”
A new statue unveiled in Ramat-Gan
Ramat-Gan youngsters take over the municipality On March 4, 2010, senior officials of the Ramat-Gan Municipality were replaced by members of the municipal youth council
The Israeli President attends the youth movements’ yearly event held by the Ramat-Gan Municipality
A painting from Ramat-Gan wins the second prize at an exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona
The annual gathering of soon-to-be army recruits from Ramat-Gan
Israels best-looking facility for senior citizens: The Weinberg Day Center in Ramat HaShikma wins 5 “beauty stars