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About Ramat-Gan
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Population:     150,000
Area:               13,700 dunams or 3,500 acres
Rainfall:          500mm per year (average)
Height:            80 meters above sea level (average)
Location:         Central Coastal Plain
                        Tel Aviv and Givatayim to the West                       
Brak to the East                       
                        The Yarkon River to the North                      

Ramat-Gan began as an agricultural settlement in 1921 planting wheat, barley and watermelons.
As years passed, many people were attracted to this centrally located and very green area.
Over the years, a major change took place and Ramat-Gan expanded its borders and developed into a city of trade, industry and commerce.

The city leaders put their hearts and souls into building a city that their citizens could live in with great pride. Major emphasis was put on education and more and more schools and colleges were build or expanded.
New businesses and clean industries were started and waves of people just found Ramat- Gan to be the right place to live and work.

Today, Ramat-Gan boasts of having the largest "Diamond Exchange" in the world and leads the country in the fields of Education, Culture and Social Awareness.

As you continue to read about the institutions, the parks, the schools and, of course, the people of Ramat-Gan you will be able to appreciate how a humble settlement grew into such a dynamic and wonderfully attractive city